Rules of Sustainability

At SYNTHEON, we believe that true sustainability – what we call engineered sustainability – is much more comprehensive than product certifications and eco-friendly materials.

That's why we came up with our own rules for sustainability. They are our keystone - the impetus behind everything we do.


1. Companies that engineer products with common sense for the common good are sustainable.


2. Building methods and products that reduce construction time and installation cost are sustainable.


3. Building methods and products that minimize waste are sustainable.


4. New products that employ simplicity or performance for innovation are sustainable.


5. New products that facilitate the evolution of codes and standards are sustainable.


6. Products that are engineered to extend the life of a building are sustainable.


7. Products that deliver enduring high performance every time are sustainable.


8. Products that are energy efficient and installed efficiently are sustainable.


9. Products that give a reasonable return on investment in a reasonable time frame are sustainable.


10. Engineered sustainability is the synthesis of common sense and innovative building materials and methods for the common good.