Our Philosophy

As a provider of advanced high-efficiency products and services, the goal of SYNTHEON is to improve the way buildings are built and experienced, through engineered sustainability – our principle philosophy, and our verifiable method.

What is Engineered Sustainability?

  1. Building performance analysis.
  2. Product design that facilitates the evolution of energy and environmental codes and standards.
  3. Unprecedented building performance environmentally, financially and with a high regard for the welfare of occupants. We aim to support the design, construction and operation of buildings through analysis and control of materials and physical space.

For us, sustainability is much more than product certifications. It is an objective inherent in every one of our processes, from start to finish – to take responsibility for the environmental and financial outcomes of buildings and how they are experienced. It is to ensure a reasonable return on investment on every product and service we offer.

Ultimately, SYNTHEON values engineered sustainability because it is practical – it yields less waste, less time and products that are specifically designed to extend the lifetime of a building. Buildings that last appeal to the common good, and to common sense.