Plastbau Technology

SYNTHEON products are manufactured with Plastbau® technology featuring the semi-continuous moulding of EPS into a wide range of innovative, top-quality products.

The Innovation Inside

Plastbau technology enables SYNTHEON to engineer and offer revolutionary building components in a variety of heights, widths and densities (solid and hollow core). Plastbau technology processes also allow metallic reinforcements to be easily inserted in the EPS during the moulding cycle, creating unprecedented performance levels.

Plastbau technology and elements are revolutionary in the production and delivery phase, as well as in the application phase. In the production and delivery phase, the Plastbau system is characterized by production rationality and flexibility, possibility to produce elements with height on request, absence of rejects, total utilization of loading volumes. In the application phase, the main advantages of Plastbau elements are: flexibility, reduction of raw building costs, heat insulation, ease of the laying of service lines under plaster, reduction of building time, of financing costs and specialist intervention, lightness, handiness, protection from atmospheric deterioration, respect for nature. Plastbau products can be easily adapted to different markets and to the producer’s specific needs.

Plastedil S.A.

The sole owner of the patented Plastbau technology is  Plastedil S.A. (joint stock company) is a Swiss engineering and service company based in Chiasso. Its experience dates back to 1960. Innovation, top-quality products, as well as customer satisfaction and environmental protection are the keys to the company’s worldwide success. Plastedil is specialized in the design, construction and sale of machines and complete turnkey plants for the manufacturing of Plastbau building elements made of EPS (expanded polystyrene). Plastedil also provides a careful assistance for the starting, maintenance and technological updating of its machines and plants. Plastedil’s products are extremely user-friendly and assure the best results as far as quality and cost- effectiveness are concerned. Plastedil has an international clientele whose complete satisfaction is the aim of the company’s activity. For this reason, Plastedil creates innovative building elements that fit in with different market needs, local uses and climatic conditions. These elements are up to the most severe standards of environmental protection, and their production, through Plastbau technology, limits the use of not renewable energy sources.