Jerry's Sporting Goods

Wichita Falls, TX
39,000 square feet
Products Used:

Project Highlights

  • Building Contractor: M & F Litteken Co.
  • Architect: Bundy, Young, Sims & Potter, Inc.
  • Wall Type: Non-load bearing, exterior curtain wall
  • Max. Wall Height: 32 feet
  • Panel Width: 5-1/2" inches

Project Details

For Kevin Darnell, eliminating extra steps is a critical component of efficient construction. As president of M & F Litteken Co., he saw an opportunity to achieve that goal by choosing the ACCEL-E wall system for the exterior walls of the new 39,000-square-foot Jerry's Sporting Goods building in Wichita Falls, Texas.

"The original drawings had specified conventional framing, but I informed the owner of what we would like to do and he left it up to me," said Darnell, whose company was general contractor on the project. "He was pleased with the result, and with the speed especially."

The ACCEL-E panels were used as non-load bearing curtain wall on a steel frame structure. Spandrel beams carry the load, with the ACCEL-E panels used as the primary exterior wall system, which is then covered by a combination of split-faced block and brick veneer, along with pre-finished metal exterior.

"It worked out really well, especially in our situation where we had a parapet that went up above the roofline," Darnell said. "It really went up fast and went up well."


Jerry Johnson, Jerry's Sporting Goods - Wichita Falls, TX
The building owner is pleased with the ACCEL-E Steel Thermal Efficient Panel wall system and would use it again on future construction projects.
The general contractor was surprised at the simplicity of using the ACCEL-E wall system during construction.
Even after only a few months, the building owner has noticed that the ACCEL-E wall system is helping the store save energy.