University Tech. Milenia

Queretaro, Mexico
Products Used:

Project Highlights

  • Partners: Grupo Metal Intra (GMI); Cemex
  • Application: Ready Mix
  • Lightweight concrete mixes for elevated slabs achieved 118 pcf unit weight and 3,555 psi compressive strength in 28 days, with 8 inches slump.

  • Reduced overall structural cost.

Project Details


ELEMIX allowed GMI to create structural lightweight concrete that increases insulation properties, reduces cracking, finishes faster, provides easier and faster pumping, does not require vibration, and reduces overall cost and construction time.

SYNTHEON ELEMIX concrete additive is an engineered Lightweight Synthetic Particle (LSP) that dramatically and uniformly reduces the weight of concrete without requiring air-entraining admixtures. ELEMIX leverages its dynamic structure and dispersion characteristics to become an integral part of the concrete matrix, resulting in reliable consistency and improved performance for lightweight structural concrete. Used in combination with or as a replacement for normal weight and lightweight aggregates, ELEMIX achieves ICC-ES AC-408 code compliance. It enables builders to produce concrete that reduces construction costs, resists cracking, and pumps, places and finishes easily. By reducing a building’s dead load, there is a reduction in the amount of steel required to support the building. This equates to a total reduction in cost of materials for the project and the time it takes to build. ELEMIX is revolutionizing the time and cost of building projects by revolutionizing science behind the concrete matrix.