Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission

Cumberland, MD
20,000 square feet
Products Used:

Project Highlights

  • Building Contractor: Rycon Construction
  • Architect: Moshier Studio
  • Wall Type: Non-load bearing, exterior infill
  • Max. Wall Height: 15' infill
  • Panel Width: 8 inches

Project Details

Building a new facility was not an easy decision for the Human Resources Development Commission of Allegany County, Maryland. The private, not-for-profit organization operates and assembles funding for a wide range of programs aimed at improving the lives of the young, poor, elderly and disabled.

Its board of directors decided to build a new headquarters only after an in-depth study revealed that a new building would be the most cost-effective long-range solution to its needs. In particular, the organization needed its new headquarters to decrease its occupancy costs – something they could achieve by erecting a LEED-approved facility that was both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

That made the ACCEL-E wall system an attractive choice for architect Gary Moshier.

"I have always liked products that give you a better quality building envelope, and this seemed like a good way to go," said Moshier, a partner in Moshier Studio of Pittsburgh, which designed the 20,000-square-foot multi-story facility. "We gave the contractor a few options, and the fact that they ended up choosing the ACCEL-E panels just reinforced that it was both cost- and time-effective."

"The manufacturer has been great to work with…. The technical support has been fantastic."– Bud Curry, Rycon Construction

Energy Efficiency Yields Long-Term Value?

The ACCEL-E system overcomes many common causes of poor energy efficiency by fusing specially designed steel studs and expandable polystyrene (EPS) insulation together into a single continuous panel system. This eliminates air gaps and irregularities that can greatly diminish the performance of conventional framing and insulation.

Slots in the framing members allow insulation to mold through the steel, which further reduces thermal bridging and heat transference, blocks air intrusion, and adds thermal resistance. As a result, the ACCEL-E panels offer tested insulating values that far surpass traditional framing, sheathing and batt wall assemblies.

The ACCEL-E system's steel framing members are made of recycled steel, and are themselves recyclable. In addition, the EPS insulation does not shrink, settle, emit harmful gases, or contribute to diminished air quality. As a result of these factors, and the significant reduction of jobsite waste, the ACCEL-E wall system contributes points to as many as four LEED® categories – a fact that greatly influenced the HRDC board's decision, according to Moshier.

"I think it was a combination of the energy performance, plus fewer joints for a more controlled joining system than other alternatives," he said. "Plus the fact that these panels contributed to LEED points in the energy efficiency category was a positive."

Immediate Benefits During Construction

Replacing conventional framing, sheathing and insulation with the ACCEL-E wall system also streamlines the construction process and can reduce labor and onsite disposal costs. Window and door openings are pre-cut, and the open cavity simplifies the installation of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

"A competing system offered a solid foam design, but we would have had to cut channels for the electrical and plumbing subcontractors later in the process," explained Bud Curry, superintendent for Rycon Construction, the general contractor on the project.

"The ACCEL-E system allows us to do all the conduits for plumbing and electrical without cutting foam. That was a great help to us." Curry added he expects to be using the system again.

"I think it's got a great future, and I'm sure we're going to see more of it," he said, adding: "The manufacturer has been great to work with. They gave us a lot of help, were always courteous, and always took the time to walk us through things and answer any questions. The technical support has been fantastic."


Bud Curry, Construction Superintendent, Rycon Construction

The ACCEL-E wall system reduces the construction cycle by framing, insulating and sheathing in a single process.

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An open cavity on the interior of each ACCEL-E Steel Thermal Efficient Panel provides ample space for electrical and plumbing components.

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The ACCEL-E wall system offers exceptional energy efficiency and is a LEED® point contributor.

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The ACCEL-E wall system is faster and easier to install than a conventional wall system, saving significant construction time.

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