True Life Ministries

Racine, WI
37,000 square feet
Products Used:

Project Highlights

  • Although speed and cost provided the initial rationale for choosing the ACCEL-E system, the system's energy savings will actually be of greater value in the long term

Project Details

Members of the True Life Ministries congregation in Racine, Wis., will soon dedicate their new worship center and office building – months earlier and at a lower cost than original estimates had indicated – thanks to their choice of the ACCEL-E wall system.

Yet, although speed and cost provided the initial rationale for choosing the ACCEL-E system, the system's other advantages will actually be of greater value in the long term, according to Ken Rosploch, owner of New Wall Construction, which specified and installed the panels.

In this particular application, the ACCEL-E panels are being installed in a curtain-wall configuration in combination with steel girders, providing an innovative alternative to traditional framed exterior walls with batt insulation. The seamless three-story-high insulated panels will be finished with a brick veneer exterior.

"In my opinion, after looking and researching alternatives, this is the best wall system that's out there in this type of building construction," said Rosploch.

The congregation's choice of the ACCEL-E wall system came after several alternatives were considered. Originally, Rosploch had quoted the project using insulated concrete forms, but the cost was too high for the congregation's budget.

Rosploch then recalled an earlier condominium project in which structural insulating panels has been used. After researching several suppliers he chose the ACCEL-E system, and submitted a new proposal to the congregation.

"There was a huge cost saving in using the panel system," said Rosploch. But, he noted, while the savings were attractive, cost was not the factor that led him to recommend the ACCEL-E system.

"Structural insulating panels are still relatively new to the market, so I wanted to be sure I was working with a company that would be there in the event we ran into issues," he explained. "After meeting the team at Accelerated Building Technologies, and learning about their company and their engineering, I was convinced they were the best choice by far."

Another particular advantage was the availability of panels in virtually any height – an important consideration for the three-story True Life Ministries building, where wall heights varied from 24 feet to as much as 48 feet.

"There's a real benefit when you can put all three floors together at once," Rosploch said.

While construction speed and cost were initially attractive to the congregation, and reliability and engineering strength were the most important features to New Wall Construction, Rosploch believes that, in the long term, the energy savings offered by the ACCEL-E system will ultimately prove to be of even greater value.

"I do believe that, because the product is very energy efficient, that's going to be a major factor in its success down the road," he said.

The new 37,000-square-foot building will house the congregation's sanctuary, as well as 11 new offices, a bookstore, daycare rooms, youth room and other facilities.