February 22, 2016

SYNTHEON and Fanosa Announce Partnership

Pittsburgh, PA. – SYNTHEON has reached a licensing agreement with Fanosa of Mexico regarding the SYNTHEON product ELEMIX. Elemix is a concrete additive used to lightweight concrete in both structural and non-structural applications.


Founded in 1968, Fanosa specializes in expanded polystyrene products in the Mexican construction market. Today, it serves more than 30% of the construction industry in Mexico. With this influence, Fanosa has become a key partner in helping Elemix break into the global market.


This is the first time that SYNTHEON and Fanosa have worked together, and they expect their relationship to provide long-term growth and improve innovation to the construction industry.


Fanosa: (http://www.fanosa.com) Fanosa is one of the leading manufacturers of expanded polystyrene products in Mexico. Founded in 1968, Fanosa found success in its product line due to the hot climate of Mexico. Today the company boasts 13 factories across Mexico and serves over 30% of the construction market in the country.

SYNTHEON: (www.syntheoninc.com) serves as a source in the building and construction industry for advanced high-efficiency products and services designed to change the way buildings are constructed.