February 3, 2016

Velocrete Unveiled at World of Concrete

VELOCRETE Unveilied at World of Concrete 2016


Syntheon is proud to announce the release of their brand new product: Velocrete. Designed for fast set times and light weight, Velocrete truly emphasizes its motto: Less Weight. Less Wait. 

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Pittsburgh-based SYNTHEON Inc. will introduce Velocrete™, its new fast set and high early strength architectural concrete mix at World of Concrete 2016,February 2-5, 2016. Visit SYNTHEON at Booth #S12820.


Formulated for speed, the Velocrete pre-engineered mix makes any architectural concrete application fast and easy. It has an industry-leading set time of 30 minutes with high early strength, and a form removal time of 1.5 hours.


Velocrete sheds weight from architectural projects. It is available in a variety of lightweight densities: 150, 120, 110, 100, 90, and 50 pcf.


Velocrete can be specially formulated for custom jobs. For a two pallet minimum, the mix can be adjusted to perfectly suit the needs of any architectural project.

“Velocrete fills a void in our industry,” says Kevin Foody, Director of Business Development for SYNTHEON. “For our customers, it is the best of both worlds – speed and light weight – all with the option to customize the mix to meet their specific needs. There is no other product on the market like this, and we look forward to introducing it to our customers at World of Concrete.”

Velocrete is ideal for lightweight architectural concrete, lightweight concrete floors, and manufactured concrete. Its most common applications are architectural precast, veneer stone, and architectural landscaping. It is available in 35 lb. bags.

This excerpt was taken from Informed Infastructure, article titled "Syntheon to Unveil Velocrete at World of Concrete 2016."