ELEMIX Concrete Additive

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Product Overview


Take lightweight concrete to new heights.

Lightweight Concrete Additive

ELEMIX is an innovative and proven concrete additive made of specially engineered polymeric spheres – lightweight synthetic particles (LSP) – that disperse uniformly throughout a concrete mix to replace a significant volume andweight of both normal and lightweight aggregate. ELEMIX evenly disperses throughout a mix to ensure uniform strength.

By reducing the weight of the flooring systems for a multi-story building, there is a reduction in the total steel required to support the building. This reduction in steel equates to a total reduction in cost of materials for the project.

Lighter precast concrete allows for more units to be placed onto delivery trucks, thus reducing the environmental impact by limiting the amount of deliveries required. Studies show that ELEMIX improves resistance to cracking and fire, and adds durability to freeze-thaw, all of which adds up to better life-cycle performance.

When low density concrete is desired ELEMIX provides reliable measurable low density right at the point of mixing. There is no increase of density due to loss of air in the concrete. ELEMIX acts as a structural void or as "solid air". Because ELEMIX is a closed cell particle there is no loss of slump during pumping or placing.



Finished floor using Elemix Lightweight Concrete Additive

ELEMIX is suitable for any application where lightweight and durability are important. ELEMIX has been successfully trialed in numerous commercial applications, including:

  • Low Density Concrete

  • Hospitals and Museums

  • Geofoam and Slope Stabilization

    Low Density fill behind a retaining wall
  • Elevated Concrete Decks / Insulated Concrete Roofs

  • Retaining Wall Backfill

  • Concrete Roof Tiles

  • Architectural Concrete

  • Cultured Stone

  • Concrete Toppings

  • Other manufactured concrete products      


Product Benefits                                           


Why ELEMIX Additive?

Elemix Lightweight Concrete Additive

ELEMIX distributes uniformly, creating mid to lightweight structural concrete with improved physical characteristics in everywaythat matters — resistance to cracking and fire; ease of placement; and durability to freezing and thawing.

Also, it provides architects, structural engineers, builders and developers with a concrete additive that changes the way projects are designed, built and maintained.

ELEMIX enables:

  • Design flexibility with smaller columns, thinner slabs and more usable floor space

  • Structural savings with less reinforcing steel required and reduced foundation costs

  • Global specification with consistent product shape, size, weight and density available worldwide

  • Construction savings with reduced materials, transportation costs, time, handling and placement

  • Increased energy efficiency with enhanced R-value

additive to lightweight concrete

The Science of ELEMIX

Science creates the closed-cell, honeycomb-like interior structure of ELEMIX, which gives concrete the ability to absorb energy and improve thermal insulation performance – reducing cracking while maintaining durability.

Because ELEMIX is uniform and has very low abrasion qualities, it pumps, places and finishes easily with less wear on equipment. Excellent when used in low density concrete mixes for applications ranging from structural floor slabs to insulated roof decks to engineered backfill.



Sustainability Advantages

Lifting wall with Elemix


We are rethinking the way concrete is manufactured by making concrete construction more efficient and environmentally responsible. 

ELEMIX concrete additive:

  • Dramatically cuts construction time, cost, and materials

  • Pumps, places and finishes easily to greater heights and farther distances

  • Significantly reduces building load by minimizing steel reinforcement

  • Resists freeze-thaw cracking, promising near-permanent durability

  • Delivers improved thermal performance






Adhering to ASTM standards, our technical development and support team works hard to continually develop new mix designs and product features to improve concrete. ELEMIX is UL approved (#D2974) and meets ASTM Test requirements for structural concrete.

ELEMIX UL Evaluation Report 




For complete technical manual or additional information, contact us.

Technical Resources



   Product Brochure                                        Ready Mix Product Data Sheet               ExB- Low Density Low Strength       

  Elemix Concrete Additive Product Brochure                                          Ready Mix Product Data Sheet                                ExB - low density low strength                    

   Blended and Bagged ELEMIX

           Bagged and Blended Elemix

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)                                                                             

                            ELEMIX Grey                                                           3 Part Specification

                       Syntheon Elemix Grey Color                                            Three part specification for Elemix lightweight concrete additive

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Lightweight concrete additive     Finished Product with Elemix    Lightweight EPS in Concrete

Elemix EPS     EPS in finished concrete floor    EPS in lightweight concrete structure  

EPS flowability



PBS "NOVA" Program Features ELEMIX

Fast-forward to 18:04 to see scientists use ELEMIX to help solve a "Mystery of Easter Island"  (NOVA, 11/07/12 on PBS)

Elemix in Moai Statue


ELEMIX 30 pcf concrete Ottawa Canada

Use of ELEMIX to develop a 30 pcf non-segregating concrete mix for a floor leveling project.

concrete additive


ELEMIX in use at Leer Mine - Grafton, WV

Project where ELEMIX was used as a low density fill application for the annular space in a mine shaft.

EPS in lightweight applications


Pouring Concrete Made with ELEMIX

EPS in lightweight applications


Camp Logan Cement Works

EPS in lightweight applications


River City Casino

EPS in lightweight concrete


Carmel Commons

EPS in flow of concrete